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Deep sea winch - Please help


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G'day Raiders,

As its slowly approaching the cooler seasons, im keen to try some extra deep sea fishing for trevella, cod, bass e.t.c and i need some advice in terms of fishing gear.

I have been looking at the alvey reef queen and i was thinking loading it up with 200lb braid and ALOT of it.

I also would like everyones opinion on the most practical and effective mounting solutions.

I do not want an electric reel.

Also is there any chance on doing this fishing without an electric reel with a rod? i no it will be a huge work out but im fit :1prop:

I dont have a budget worked out yet as i dont no how what is considered good value for money - this will be the first time trying this fishing.

Any suggestions on brands, mounting solutions and proven methods would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Riaders,


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Hey Stan,

I fish Browns with a large Alvey winch which I attach to grab bars on the side of my barcrusher. It takes a while to get to the bottom and up again to re-rig. I was worried about using an alvey because I didn't think you would be able to 'fight' the fish. I have caught plenty of blueeye and big gemfish and was suprised with the fight they give. I use 100lb braid with a 200lb leader and 50 lb dropper for the sinker. I use old lead window sash weights for sinkers and half a yakka for bait. I find it necessary to have the boat in reverse into the current to allow the bait to go straight down to the pinnacle you see on the sounder. Anyway hope it is useful. I wouldn't use an electric winch either. My mate tried to use a 50W tiagra but found checking bait was too cumbersome.

Cheers Anthony

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Thanks for the reply Anthony,

I was thinking of using the Tiagra also purely for line capacity, it would definately be more fun, but as you pointed out, bait checking would be a real pain. What should i be paying in terms of the alvey winch? and have you had any problems with it? i was also thinking of attatching it the grab bars. Also, how do you fight the fish on the winch? is there a specific drag system?

Thanks again Anthony,

Cheers, Stan

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