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Harbour Blackies


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Hey everyone,

Had the day off yesterday so I decided to give the harbour a shot for some blackies. I didnt want to be stuck in peak hour traffic so headed in at gentlemans hours around 10am. Left home and headed to my spot where I collect weed, only to find out there was no length in it. Luckily for me the cabbage was growing thick and fierce so collected enough for burley and bait and headed into the city to try my luck. I wasn't to optimistic about having any great success as every time Rick and I fished the spot I was going weed would out do cabbage 10 to 1.

I hit spot number one just after 11am, burlied hard and fished for 20mins, not a single down. Decided to move around the corner where me and Rick have fished a few times with little success, yet I knew surgeons lurk here as well as the odd blackie so i thought why not try loose some gear for the sake of a fish. First cast the stopper hit the float and it proceeded to keep sinking, this was odd as I know I had the right ammount of lead to balance the float. Started to wind it back in and the rod loaded up, to my surprise a blackie had hit it on the way down. 30cm specimen reaches the net, Game on! For the next 1 1/2hrs it was constant hook ups, one after another. Low on bait and the parking meter running out decided to call it quits. Total tally was 24 fish landed, 4 dropped, 7 legal with the biggest 42cm and the rest undersize with the smallest going 23cm.

Kept the legals in a keeper net for a happy snap to add to the collection and released all on completion. I have had some cracker days with Rick, Steve and Slam but have never had any solid success flying solo so it was a great personal achievement for me to score this many in a short session. Next time will have to try convert more into keepers so happy snap is a little more impressive.

Looks like the harbour will be firing on all cylinders this season!


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hey mate, i am currently in between jobs and only at uni on mondays. im really keen to learn blacky fishing so if you ever want someone to join you send me a PM. i live in balmain and have a car so i can get most places.

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great result daniel, Im sure if rick was still with us you would have just read a smart comment, something about going without him! :biggrin2:


it would be more like him posting the report about the 24 he caught, the 4 I dropped and how good of a netboy I was haha!

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Well done mate they are about, best I have seen them in the harbour since 2003/2004 though I missed 3 aeasons! 2007 - 2010! keep it up, now let me hazard a guess you were fishing certain piers! West of the bridge!

Correct on West of the bridge as that's a gaurentee with most of Rick's spots, but wrong on the piers.. I won't be specific on location, better to keep you guessing haha

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Nice going Woodchop!

Isn't it funny how you can be fishing one spot for no downs, move spots and then have them going off their heads......I guess that's all part of the art of black fishing.

Well done on the solo effort


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