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hi there , im starting out to downrig from my boat a bit these days and i have a question for all keen downrigger users.

When i have the bomb lowered and i get underway trolling the downrigger seems to really hum and whistle. (is this noise normal????? ......and will the noise deter / spook fish away from taking the livie/bait????)

Im using an entry level scotty laketroller as original with the wire line e.t.c and 4lb bomb.

thanks for any help.


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Yeah mate that is normal. You will probably find that it is worse in certain conditions i.e. fast current etc. It won't make any difference to your hook up rate. After a while (couple of years) you will probably find that you need to replace trhe wire as it goes rusty. When its time for this replace your wire with 200lb braid and you won't get the humming anymore. Depending on how deep you want to downrig you might also find that you need a heavier bomb...

Good luck with it.

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