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I don't know why but it appears as though the mods have deleted my post "Generic Motors?"

Anyway I will re-word

I am looking a 15-25hp motor which is an alternative to the big brands. Reason being simply because of cost.

Some of the brands I am looking at are Onyx, Sea king, Powertec and Parsuns.

Has anyone had any experience with motors like these.


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saw some new brand at last 2 boat shows i think they were called sail,(chinese made) cheap but i guess time will tell how they perform and how there service and spare parts availability will be, good luck with search and if you buy one let us know how it performs.

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Hi, good advise from the guys especially Stewy and yes there seems to be 3 main companies making Chinese outboards and they come into Oz under about 10 names-basically all the same, from the ones we have seen. Yes, if a customer wants one of these outboard we sell them and I have run them in the water and yes they go OK, but resale, warranty and longiveity is not the greatest and if you are spending about $1800 why not spend a few hundred more and get a main stream brand with upto 5 years warranty and the extra money to initally buy that engine wil be paid many times over come resale.

If you are interested in prices for both contact me,



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