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Windang & Garie Beach


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Hey Raiders,

Just a couple of reports! :)

I'm on a short break from work so doing as much fishing as I possibly can!

Windang - 24/03/11

Plan was to fish the beach armed with live tube worms. 7am - After walking through a flooded trail in barefoot due to lots of rain, I get to the beach! and.... :thumbdown: It doesn't look pretty at all, you just know that conditions like this won't fish well (maybe I'm wrong) but no visable gutter formation that looks like it would hold fish, no deep gutters and the water was very brown which looked like it came out from the lake nearby. Still keen, I put a line out and worked a few possible gutters for a few hours with NOTHING! sitting there I thought about the rain, have heard that it's best to fish the mouth of a lake after heavy rainfall. Doesn't hurt to try!

Breakwall - Decided to fish the right side, just incase there wern't any fish, I could fallback on the breach to my right (water was blue). I get to the tip and it was FULL HOUSE! and... Salmon! Salmon! Salmon everywhere! guys were pulling them up one after another! :1yikes:

Water inside the lake and around the mouth was SUPER Brown! but fish were still there?!? didn't have any pillies, so took out the lures! Was on to my first fish straight away. It fished like this til when I left which was 4pm. I lost soo many lures because I was fishing with my light outfit and kept on busting trying to drag them up the rocks. Watching a fish smash your soft plastic is an amazing site! and superfun on light gear! :thumbup:

kept 5 to eat, gave some away to by-standers and released many! not counting the bust offs! :1badmood:

Garie Beach - 29/03/11

Had planned to fish Windang again because of last weeks success but wasn't keen on the 1.5 hrs drive alone. So last min, decided to fish Garie Beach (50mins). Armed with a block of pilchards which I bought from the Caltex on princess hwy. Decided to target Salmon and Tailor.

7:30am - First thing I do is look at the beach formation. :thumbup: Nice deep gutter visable! Just had that feeling I was going to catch fish today! :yahoo: A few other guys were there getting ready to fish but went off to the rocks on the north side. I picked a spot I thought was good and burleyed up! brought 2 rods, 1 for big fish and a light spinning outfit for lures. 20 mins in and I'm onto my first Salmon! Then another and another.... until I get a suicide bream! I quickly re-rigged my light outfit with a running sinker to target bream and get a hit straight away! :thumbup: half of the pilchards wern't the best, very soft so ran out of bait by noon. Bumped into the same guys who fished the rocks and said they didn't catch anything all day which makes me wonder if burleying makes that much of a difference?

Have a nice day,


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Guest hawkesbass

great report there & a nice feed aswell, well done

cheers john

berley does help but best bait is fresh tailor fillets taken off fish as soon as unhooked and the frame and head can be used as extra berley

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Guest hawkesbass

cut from behind pectoral fin down to backbone and down towards tail on both sides depending on size of tailor can use whole fillet or cut the fillet in half can be rigged on ganghooks or on two snelled hooks just need to put half hitch around end of bait to hold it on hooks and to hold its shape

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