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Harbour Fishing 27/03/2011


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Started early morning with a mate to show us how to catch some kings. First spot to get some livies, we produced well with a bait tank full of yakkas and squid so from there to catch some Kingies. Tried a few of his spots with nothing. With Wind rain and rough seas things weren't looking good. New spot and bang we started landing rats and what a buzz they are to catch for the first time. We ended up catching about Six all around the 60cm mark but for a first time catch they were great fun.post-14698-079504800 1301452336_thumb.jpg

post-14698-063429000 1301452222_thumb.jpg

post-14698-007037600 1301452236_thumb.jpg

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Just thought I would add my report to this.

Went out in the arvo today, with the aim in hitting some surface action and some kings.

Drove from Drummoyne to The Spit and didn't see anything on the surface. This is the 4th time in a row where this has happened. During most of summer I couldn't get past the boat ramp until I hit Bonito at least. WHERE HAVE THE BONITO GONE????

Anyway got some livies and hit the Western Wedding Cake. First live bait got slammed and I got busted off. Anyway we re-rig and then bang get hit straight away. Nice Kingy, only that it had my livy, my hook and my trace from the previous bust up. WHAT!!!!!!

I seriously couldn't believe it.

Anyway after we landed it a massive storm came through. Very electrical. Went back to the cake and got nothing, so then went looking for pelagics. Nothing.

Ended up throwing some lures around the Drummoyne boat ramp and landed 2 35cm flatties. Good end to the day.

post-17998-075282100 1301479691_thumb.jpg

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