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arvo storm session


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Hi Raiders,

All work no play lately.

I got to the ramp just as others were all coming in as the storm front was looming large. Stuff it i am going out.

Got to a deep water spot in MH and proceded to catch small snapper, tailor and bonnies. Yakkas were hard to come by and i lost them as soon as they went down. Got a big hit and heavy weight but it swam up and i lost it - probably a shark.

Went out into harbour after storm passed and had a half hearted squid session. No luck there so went back into MH for a shot at jews around the high tide. Sure enough as the tide turned the jews started biting. Had four or so hits for 2 fish at 55 and 65cm. The wind came up and i got the flock outta there.

If i had some live squid or fresh i think i wouldve done better.



post-2060-046618100 1301483511_thumb.jpg

post-2060-047572000 1301483537_thumb.jpg

post-2060-060530800 1301483567_thumb.jpg

post-2060-076955100 1301483647_thumb.jpg

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Glad you survived the storm okay Mike. (You've gotta be keen!)

Well done on at least getting a couple of jewies. :thumbup:

Great photos of those dark clouds!



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Wow Mike you got guts, i was inside work and i was like what the flock, look at how dark it is and i looked on the 2nd side of the building and it was a great sunny day, i was like hmmmm this aint going to be good.

Grats on the 2 jews though, better than nothing i say

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Hi mike its been a long time since i seen you jewin


another jew fisho :)

Yeah i havent really bothered much as they have been inconsistent for last 2 years, however this is prime time now until end of may/june.

Forgot to mention they took whole pillies over live yakkas/tailor and striped tuna and bonnie fillets. Pillies - never leave home without em.


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Hey Mike,

You know it's weird when we get into the 'all work-no play' situation.

It makes us launch our boats during electrical storms, after tsunami warnings are issued and hurricane force winds are predicted.

Even if we are threatened at the boat ramp by our wife's divorce lawyer !

We just GOTTA wet a line.

And you did it and even photographed the clouds that threatened your life.

Nice photos by the way...

....and you came up trumps with a couple of nice jewies to make it all worthwhile.

Well done - it must have been a real buzz.


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gday mike, finally some jew in MH! bad luck about losing the marlin a few weeks back. heading out for a birthday bash on saturday in the hawkesbury. hopfully we might be able to line up a session in may some time. talk soon.


hi Pete,

Yeah we had an awesome day offshore a few weeks ago. Heaps of stipies then we hooked and lost a black marlin but Craig had fun whilst it lasted. Then I got strike on next hit and we boated a short billed spearfish about 1.6m long. Most of my fishing lately has been offshore. Yeah - new addiction, as if it wasn't bad enough already.

Talk soon. Mike

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Well done Mike, jews seem to like stormy conditions for some reason, well done for getting out there. I have also found live yakkas to be passed up in favour of other offering however i am sure they do a good job of attracting a jewies attention as it stalks around.

Hope to be out there soon, recovering from a fractured big toe :(


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