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Lucky Craft Bevy 50mm Surface Popper


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Hi Fellow Raiders,

I've been meaning to collate what others do when they fish with the bevy 50mm surface popper lure.

When purchased would you totally remove the small brush and flash tail on the back treble :wacko: or do you fish the lure with straight out of packet untouched ?.

Appreciate your thoughts :thumbup:

Tight Lines !



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Hi Leo

I don't rate the silver hooks that come on the lure, they bend easy and don't stay sharp.

I usually chase bream which seem to short strike the feathers any how so removing them and adding a second split ring sort a keeps it with a similar weight balance. I usually replace the forward trebble with a slightly smaller one so the lure will sit ass down in the water when stationary. It also makes walk the dog easier.


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Hi Greg,

I agree those silver hooks aren't going to stay to the task, built for the freshie water stuff.

Good small modifications from your view and experience, we'll give it a go.....

Thank you for your reply.

Regards :thumbup:


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