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Smitty and Swordie crack new PBs


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post-256-024188700 1301736726_thumb.jpgTeamed up with good mate Smitty today for a blackfish bash and we werent dissapointed.

The day started off great with little wind and the fish on the cabbage straight away with 9 really good fish landed and quite a few pulled hooks with me landing my PB blackfish of 45 cms.

Mucked around during the day looking for some new spots and we found a beauty just on low tide with 13 or 14 crackers coming to the landing net including Smittys new PB of 45 cms but the girth of this horse had to be seen to be believed.

All fish took cabbage and we have some great fillets for the family :yahoo: the fish were hitting so hard and the downs were bob .....gone!!!

post-256-070981400 1301736718_thumb.jpg

post-256-024188700 1301736726_thumb.jpg

post-256-029932100 1301736734_thumb.jpg

post-256-026173000 1301736743_thumb.jpg

post-256-096322900 1301736751_thumb.jpg

post-256-089748300 1301736759_thumb.jpg

Thanks for a top day out Chris :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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Maaaaate, what can I say.....an absolutely awesome day!!! :thumbup::thumbup: The fact that we both cracked PBs was just the icing on the cake :yahoo:

The only dark cloud of the day was doing laps of those city blocks because of my poor city navigating skills hahaha :ranting2::blush: :....oh yeh, and having to dress all the fish when we got home - me backs still aching. But it was all worth it!!!

Thanks again for a great day out chasing Blackies mate.....we'll have to do it all again some time real soon - but I think you might need to earn a few more brownie points first ;) .



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Well done, Smitty & Stewy - those 45cm+ blackies REALLY know how to play dirty & pull hard - you know you've earned your PBs, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:

Awesome eating, too, whether crumbed & fried or smoked! :biggrin2:


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