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I'm glad we made the effort to get out yesterday


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Hi Raiders,

I'm sure like many of you, I spend all week forming the perfect plan for my weekend fishing attack :1prop: . Well this week was no different and my plan was hitting Botany Bay on saturday, troll the heads early then pick up some livies to throw at kings at molli, the drums etc and then maybe flick for flatties - my plan didn't figure for the 20+knts southerly forecast. Me and dad still wanted to go out so decided to change venue and bob around pittwater, troll for tailor and drift for flatties.

First stop was Longnose Point and I put my favourite ($3) tailor bibbed lures out the back and within 30 secs 'whack!' we had the first hit which turned out to be a kingy! Not a big fish at 58cm but good sport on the light tackle and only my second one ever! :yahoo:

Anyway we trolled around for a while for nothing else and was just around to set up a drift in the basin area when I said to dad 'let's stick our nose out into Broken Bay and see if it's as bad as they said it would be'. We did and even in my little boat conditions were manageable - we headed for Palm Beach to drift for flatties where we usually drift from 20mish to 10mish to find that the southerly was pushing us across the bay at the same depth all the way to Barrenjoey. The fish were there though and we got a good feed for dinner. On the way back we also picked up a Watsons Leaping Bonito which is ANOTHER new species for dad who has enjoyed his best fishing holiday yet :biggrin2:

Anyway, the moral of this story is I really am glad that we made the effort to go out as we nearly didn't and even a bad day's fishing (which it didn't turn out to be) is always better than a day walking round the shops with the wife and kids!

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Didn't see anything else on the top apart from some birds working a good way off barrenjoey - we did have some smacks on the bigger lures but to be fair I was more concentrating on not getting pulled towards the rocks!

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