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Hawkesbury 030411


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Hey fellas

Went out for a fish today, decided today was the better day, yesterday was too windy and tell you what glad i did go today, the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day to be on the water.

We launched at around 8am and headed straight to Flint & Steel to fish the tide change at 8:40, set up all the rods in the water and the waiting game started.

We had about 30 of these live fellas in the tank for bait


Nothing for the first hour but with conditions like these it didn't really matter to much


The first fish finally hit the deck after that, it wasn't massive just a small Flatty, anyone know what type it is ? sure looks different..


We pulled the anchor in after that and set a drift up around the Pearl Beach/Lion Head area


Within 5 minutes we had a plate sized 40cm Flathead in the boat, that's good !

We kept drifting and caught 8 legal Flathead, i got 4 and my dad got 4, we threw back 3 fish that were around 35cm, they were just abit skinny for my liking, dad also hooked a squid and i got it in the net just as it let go of the Poddy ! lucky, that's what's good about my new net, it's got a long handle on it and i quickly put it behide the squid, it's really made landing fish so much easier. I was going to put the squid out for a kingy, but i love eating squid so the decision was easy, tsk tsk on my behalf

I also got a nice sized Tailor around 40cm, he will be cut up for bait



All fish caught on 2-4kg sticks and 8lb line, so it was a fun little session

Headed inside and drifted around Danger Island for an hour but had no luck.


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