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Freshies on the Fang


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Hi Raiders,

After my last post about SWR I have been lucky enough to have trip back to Forster, which is our annual holidday destination. We've had 9 years there now and hook up each year with some old friends. 5 other mates and their familes. I went to kindy with one of them and the other blokes I've known since we were about 10yo. Now our kids are all growing up together and get so much out of the trip each year. My 7yo is still crying about coming home.

The fishing is hectic with so many children wanting to have a go. We do an island day, just off the main bridge and I usually park the boat where the kids can swim in and out 4 at a time.

post-2792-080051600 1301822990_thumb.jpg post-2792-072780400 1301823290_thumb.jpg post-2792-001426400 1301823180_thumb.jpg

I am basically just a bait slave but love the looks and screams as they wind in a small bream, flatty and even a long tom. I managed to get out there on election day, which was the worst weather you could find but, got two nice 44cm flattys and one 34cm whiting. Bad weather! Good Fishing! :thumbup:

post-2792-040403400 1301823049_thumb.jpg

Unfortunately this year there was a bit of strife at the place where we stay with 3 break and enters during two different nights. Young hoodlums targeting the older guests and ripping off wallets, purses and cameras. One couple woke up to find 3 young fellas in their unit carrying out the TV. Another bloke woke up and thought soemthing was wrong and realised they were trying to push his car out of the carport. They had his keys. When he yelled out to them they took off but, took the car keys as well. :ranting2: Needless to say they were in a bit of a bother over it and decided not to stay. It has been going on a bit over the years and really hurts the tourist aspect for the town. That aside we all had a great time and are booked in for next year.

Yesterday I put the boat in at Lake Keepit. After many hours out there bouncing bait with no result in the past I just thought things would be on. I caught a bag full of fresh water shrimp and yabbies and headed out with my son and his mate. We got onto fish almost straight away. My young fella said, "Dad I want to catch a Cod." Next thing he's onto a fish and in came a small but very healthy Murray Cod.

post-2792-023729500 1301823081_thumb.jpgA quick pic and back he went.

His mate said, I'd like a catfish" almost on que what cäme in? A nice catty.

post-2792-009644200 1301823097_thumb.jpg Another quick pic and back it went.

All up we got some very nice Yellowbelly and the other two fish.

post-2792-050306100 1301823107_thumb.jpg

It has been a while but nice to get some fish out of the freshwater impoundments. I have been told and seen some phone pics of some metre + cod coming out of Splitrock Dam as well. They have been taken on lures.

Can I ask for some tips about the current state of Sydney Harbour. I know it well but don't have the advantage, like I used to, of being close by. I am hauling the boat down there next weekend and looking to fish Monday Tues and Wed, 11th 12th and 13th out of Roseville. Can anyone give me tip on the where the squid are hanging about at the moment and what colurs are working best in the jigs. I've promised the kids they'd get a Kingy or two. If anyone is out there on those days look for the big Clarke tinny with "The Hood'lum" on the side.


See you out there.


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Hi Stewy,

You are dead right about the trash hanging about. Problem is the Authroities are stretched to the limit and what would happen to them in the Court system, even if they were caught, does not seem to bother them anyway. Eitherway we just keep paying to keep these s% bags either on the dole or in our gaols. Little patches of paradise like Forster and other coastal retreats have their draw backs unfortunately.

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