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Hey Raiders,

Went out to Drummoyne on the weekend to have a go at getting my boat license. BOOYA 100% on the first go. Meaning i now have a boat license woop woop ! But problem is i still dont have a boat. I have got a few idea's of what i want in mind, but instead of saying which boats I like ill just give you guys details on what im after and how much im looking to spend and what i plan on doing with it, maybe you guys can give me some insight on the best way to go.

Basically im after a boat that I can use to fish all of our estuary systems, botany bay, all the harbour. So basically i dont wanna be restricted at all, I wanna be able to fish all around our waters without a problem. I also want a boat that on a good day I can take outside to some of the bigger fish territories and have a go. Also i want something in aluminium, that way if i do knock it around getting it on and off the trailer i wont hurt her too much, see with glass i got a fear that ill end up putting a whole in the boat before i even take it out. Im lookin to carry an average crew of around 3 - 4 people. I dont wanna have too many fellaz on my boat fishing at one time, just become's a big mess.

My budget atm is 10k but i dont mind stretching it a little if i find the right boat.

Cheers raiders,


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You could also consider the Polycraft range. You can sometimes get good secondhand ones at a good price.



yeah could do, but i wanna know exactly what i can get for my price range, then ill start making decisions on which one I want.

Yeah seen a few nice polycrafts, most of the boats look the same just different brands and motor are different. Its very frustrating lol, but it will all pay off in the end.


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Hi Jez,

Quintrex make a great aluminium boat as does stacer and savage - you cant go wrong with one of these either as a runabout or bowrider style. I have a quintrex bowrider which gives me heaps of felxibility to fish 4 comfortably and take it offshore on a good day.

Just make sure if you are buying second hand to get someone to check the boat and the motor over.

Good luck in your hunting.


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Give Craig at Huett marine a call.

He'll give you a raider discount & at least you know what you're buying has been checked out by him.

He also has a great range of different styles of boats.

His details are HERE!



Cheers matey will do !!

Hope he's got something in my price range though !

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