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Harbour Fishing 02/04/2011


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G'day Fishos!

After weeks of trying to wake up at 4am, I finally managed to get up on time at 3:30am and hit the harbour with my bro and another mate for a fishing session.

We got to our baiting grounds and by daylight, we had some yakkas in the the tank and decided to head out to North Head to try and catch my first Kingy... EVER!!

As we reached our fishing spot, we noticed that the water was very warm (about 22 degrees) and I thought to myself, "This is going to be perfect conditions for fishing!".

So, we put on our livies and sent them off into the sea hoping that we would hear the screeching of our reels not long after.

First yakka gets smashed and we reel in a nice plate-sized snapper.

Then, as always, my bro decides to cast in the exact same spot where I casted whilst I was re-baiting. No luck!

I send out another yakka and within minutes, my line is peeling off my reel again. I grab the rod and see the line heading towards the rocks of North Head. My mate gets the net ready and I begin my battle with the slimy predator. Then, I see my line start to head towards the surface of the water and out of nowhere, we see a huge dark shadow near my line and my jaw just hit the floor :1yikes:. I turned to my mate and he saw it too :1yikes: and he just dropped the net cuz it wasn't going to help at all.

Then, the reel went crazy again...


Within seconds of the line breaking, I see the laughing culprit which performed the robbery on me...


Not only was he smiling at me, he also had my first ever Kingy in his mouth and was throwing it around like a raggy doll!!! :ranting2:

Luckily for me though, we moved to a different spot and eventually I got my first ever Kingy!! :yahoo: Tasted awesome too!!

All in all, a good day in the harbour for a few keen fishos that don't ever catch anything!

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HAHAHAHA... Nice one! AsIf i casted too your spot!!!! :074: Lets get one thing STRAIGHT here the catch of the day was really my 'Triple-threat hookup' yakka, the kingie didn't even compare to the fight those angry yakkas gave me! :1prop:

Persistance PLZ, this was his first trip this season... i have been out pratically every-weekend and still haven't caught my First King or 'Adult' Snapper! GRRHHhh :mad3:

Ohhh well, all in all had a great day... lets hope this session makes u put down the Golf clubs and pick up the fishing rods again! :biggrin2:

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