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Mulloway Madness


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How are we all,

Just got back from the fishing tournament up at Port Stephans yesterday and I am still buzzing from the excitement we had up there.

Got up there on Thursday and met up with Tony, member of team Prawn Star, then went down to D'albora marina for the briefing.

post-14559-049763300 1301983307_thumb.jpg


Well its the first day of the tournament today and the plan is to head out to the FAD and get a feed of dollies before we start fishing for prize fish. After having to wait for the sun to rise before we could get any livies we punched out through the swell and started towing a few skirts around the FAD when we got there, Tony hooks one the first pass but it threw the hooks when it jumped, so atleast we knew they were around and set up a few drifts with livies to get a couple of dollies for a feed that night.

post-14559-041425600 1301984110_thumb.jpg


Up nice and early today and its off to broughton in search of some snapper and king, but no luck today and the weather deteriorated and we had to head back in for the barbeque.

After the barbie we headed out on the Port to get some livies and set up for a night fish for some jews, we anchored up in the same spot where my dad got his 9kg jew last year and sent the livies down. An hour before the top of the tide my rod goes off so I pick it up and hang on while I listen to beautiful sound of braid peeling of the Stradic. And before you know it I have a nice 11kg jewie on the deck of the boat which gets me 1st place for mulloway in the senior catagory, I was STOKED!! :yahoo::yahoo:

post-14559-068883800 1301985097_thumb.jpg

post-14559-020897500 1301985670_thumb.jpg

We raced back to weight station at D'albora and just made before it closed for the night, people were running down from the night clubs and restaurants to get photos of it too :mfr_lol:


Today we decided to have an easy morning squidding as the tournament finishes at 12:00pm. We ended up with 12 squid and kept four for jewie baits that night and had the rest for lunch.

post-14559-082551700 1301985957_thumb.jpg

post-14559-038172700 1301985963_thumb.jpg

After squidding we went to the weigh in to see what had been caught and see the prizes given out, some of the fish caught this year included 9kg snapper, 15kg kings and cobes, 6.5kg flattie, 26kg tuna, 500g flounder.

Now heres the best part...

Its sunday arvo, the tournament has finished but we had booked the accomidation for a bit longer so what do you do... Go jew fishing again of course!!! So its off to the wreck again to get livies, then over to our jewie spot to anchor up.

This time it was 2 HOURS! before the top of the tide when my rod goes and im onto another jewie, then my dads rod goes of aswell while im still fighting mine and we have a double hookup of jewfish WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!.

Anyway I have no idea how we landed these two fish as both out BRAID lines were tangled up and rubbing anainst the anchor rope but in the end we have them both on board and a photo that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

post-14559-073211400 1301987430_thumb.jpg

We already had one jew in the fridge from the night before so the plan was to release everything we caught tonight, but unfortunatly mine floated to the surface so I reached out and brought it back in to pop its swim bladder and swim it a bit more but she just wouldn't kick so we kept that one for family and friends. My dads jew on the other hand had no problems and it was great to see it swim off.

But wait... As if this this night couldn't get any better...

Tony is sitting there thinking what have I gotta do to get a bloody jew around here. Anyway his cries must have been heard because it wasn't to long before his fresh squid that we caught that day goes off and he brings in a fat 117cm, 14kg jewie, the biggest one of the trip. And the best thing was that we were able to successfully release this one aswell, she kicked off so hard that she slapped my dads hand against the side of the boat.

post-14559-099182300 1301988903_thumb.jpg

post-14559-095858000 1301988905_thumb.jpg

The jewfish tally ended standing at:

Me - 2 jewies 11kg and 11.5kg

My dad - 1 jewie 10.5kg

Tony - 1 jewie 14kg

And its a pity we didn't catch the rest of the jewies during the tournament because our boat would have taken out 1st, 2nd and third for mulloway, but in a way im happy we didn't aswell because they would have all died buy the time we weighed them in and we wouldn't have been able to release them.

So thats the end of the 2011 Port Stephans Trailer boat Tournament and I can't wait to do it all again next year. :fishing1:


Prawn Star.

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I've been waiting for that report & it didn't let me down!! :thumbup:

What a great load of nice jews. They look in top condition. To land a double hookup with your dad is GOLD! :yahoo:

Well done on taking out 1st place & well done on the fish after the tournie finished.



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thats a trip you will never forget. I remember a similar trip to south west rocks about 10yrs ago when my mate joe and I had a triple hook up on jew and only two of us in the boat!! unfortunately the biggest one was lost from sitting in the rod holder as it ran around the out board the other two were 12lb and 20lb I then dropped two more around the 30lb mark when the hook pulled 10ft from the boat and joe got another one 36lb. It doesnt happen very often but I still remember every detail to this day and I am sure you will also. awesome stuff mate, well done.


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Awesome Jewie sessions, boys! Love the Dad/Son pic too. Congrats on your win in the Jewie section. Good on you, too. for releasing the other fish. You got a good feed & were able to spread your joy around to family & friends - all good!!!



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Go team Prawn Stars!

You guys weren't inspired by a legendary indoor cricket team in Canberra in the late nineties by the name of Pawn Stars? We were all keen chess players.

haha there was actually a seafood pizza around at the time we were naming the boat and it was called the "Prawn Star"! So thats how it came about :mfr_lol:

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