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Scored some weed and cabbage & floats


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Hi guys

I ducked down to Sydney last weekend to see Keith off at the Airport for his trip to the US to see his older brother ...... so I also took the opportunity to catch up with my brother, Cam/Sails and go a-hunting for for some green weed & cabbage - both of which are in short supply in Forster!

We stalked the northern beaches & found a nice supply of green weed, so continued north until we found some nice cabbage on the Mona Vale rock ledge! On our way down to the rocks, we came upon a blackie fisho leaving the beach! He looked a bit familiar, so Cam asked if he was Eric - a chap that gave us a black fishing lesson a couple of years back when Cam & I were fishing there with Luderick59 ....... he caught a fish a cast, as did Pete - whilst Cam & I were lucky to catch one each! :wacko: He uses a fixed float system and Pete uses his floats exclusively now! So they must be good!!! He fishes almost exclusively from the rocks at Mona Vale, so they need to be good to survive that sort of wash! The bonus with a fixed float is that, even if you get busted off, the float will usually still be on your line, even if you lost the weight system!! :thumbup:

I'll be taking a couple with me to the Entrance Social this weekend to show around - and also plan on giving them a go!! Lots of different sizes available, too.

Anyone keen on trying them and wanting Eric's details, can PM me, for some SUPERIOR floats!! (or he usually has some in his Red Ute that is often parked at Mona Vale Beach near the pool!)



Sorry for the small pics - Cam used his phone!

post-2231-068681500 1302080427_thumb.jpg

post-2231-093248100 1302080441_thumb.jpg

post-2231-078388400 1302080451_thumb.jpg

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hi roberta

glad you got some weed and a bonus with the floats next time give me a call when your down iwas fishing the washes fri and sun morning high tides and scored 15 you would haved loved it same spot as you fished last time

good luck with the new floats


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Nice pick-up Roberta... not like you need any more advantages chasing the Blackies. They already virtually give up as soon as they see you heading for the water. You'll have them lining up to hop straight into your keeper net soon.

Are we going to get to see photos of the Bullet Bobber at the Entrance?

Cheers, Slinky

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...give me a call when your down ....

Will do Peter - I'll be down the week leading up to Easter & probably over some of Easter as Keith flies back on Good Friday. The BIG Easter tides should be fun to fish down there! :biggrin2: Cam is on Hols for the week before Easter too, so may be tempted to pop down for a fish too. Will bring my 'pussy footing' rod down. :1prop:

....Are we going to get to see photos of the Bullet Bobber at the Entrance?......

:074: :074: :074: My secret weapon isn't a secret any more!!! I may even take it with me!! I am in the process of packing up now, as I arrive down there today. Just hope the rain stays away - I can remember it bucketing down at the last social!! :wacko:

The blackies are playing hard to get just now - I caught a BIG rock cale the other day on cabbage (on the breakwall.) It would have been between 40-45cm, but I didn't have a camera for a pic, so put it back.



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