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Are the Kingies still around?


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Saw one caught off the red marker just west of the harbor bridge this afternoon. Looked about 750mm. From now to July they thin out but if anything happens like last year some big ones hang around till then. Caught one every trip till July last year but not in numbers. Keep at it. Early sunrise fishing worked in the harbor and I hope it does this year too.

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They are a all year round prospect mate! Only 4 yrs ago myself, Greg and 4-5 other raiders had a bet going to see who would get one every month, rat or legal didnt mate. Greg took the money after 15months only 3 of use were left standing, Greg, myself and another gun raider, within 6 weeks and it was mid year Greg got the pool of $20 a head. Bugga, but persistance and time pays off


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