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Maiden Voyage- Pro Angler- Wallis Lake


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Hi Raiders,

I picked up my new Pro Angler yesterday, it is indeed HUGE. Did the right thing, had a nice seafood lunch over looking the lake, no grog, but plenty of anticipation. I took to the water, which is to say, dragged the aircraft carrier about 500 meters to the nearest boat ramp, arrived in a lather of sweat,( did I mention that it's HUGE!), fired up the eVolve motor and took off. Rig # 1, is a big soft plastic attached to a 6-8 kg 6' rod, was towed behind as I headed up the channel. The big single hook sticking out from top top of this lure was perfect for catching the strands of weed that were all through the water. It was also perfect for dragging he weed up from the bottom too.

Having cleared all the weed from the channel, I moved onto Rig #2, a whiting lure on a 2-4 kg rod. The smaller treble hooks were quite good at picking up the small bits of weed that I missed with Rig #1. Sadly, I didn't get much of a go with Rig #2, as it exploded in an enormous tangle of line right before my very eyes. I didn't know you could do that with an eggbeater, but there you are.

I was very pleased with the Pro Angler's performance. It felt very stable as I sat sobbing over my shattered dreams of being the next great fisherman, or even my dreams of being any sort of fisherman at all. I decided to take a stroll around the deck while I collected myself. After a few laps, and a quick game of deck tennis with some lovely people I met down near the rudder, I dragged out Rig #3, a popper on a baitcaster.

Now I fancy myself on the ol' baitcaster. Accurate, no overspooling, ( no fish either!). Anyway, I was expecting that it would take a few casts to get the thing going right. Cast- tangle. cast- tangle. Cast- tangle. Hmmm, perhaps if I cast WITH the wind? Ah, much better, and by golly, there were even some oyster leases on that side of the boat! Still no fish though...perhaps the nice man in the tackle shop was right when he said you won't catch any bream on a bright sunny day? Oh well! there's always this afternoon! The conditions are perfect, not a cloud in the sky, weed everywhere. Fabulous!!!!

The yak, on it's maiden voyage, was everything I hoped for and more. Stable, incredibly comfortable, roomy- just great. After an hour or so of pretending to fish, I removed the leccy motor, and stuck the mirage drive in, fully expecting it to be like towing a 747 with my teeth. No such thing. That big ol' beast was able to cruise around at a very comfortable 5-6 km/h with about as much effort as required to walk a that speed. A mate who had hired a paddle kayak, and who was having a very enjoyable afternoon laughing at my fishing antics, couldn't keep up when we had a little drag race, and he's a fit bugger too.

Anyway, the last few clouds are disappearing as the sun nears it's zenith, so you know what THAT means! Wallis Lake fish, here I come!!!!

Good Fishing all,


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Comical post and a good read. Sounds like you're having fun in your new yak even though your fishing ability lacks a bit (I know how that feels!). Surprising though that the ship builders made you drag it to the water by yourself. I thought normally they launched these large vessels on slips straight from the building yard.

Enjoy... the fish will come, thats what I keep telling myself. :D

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Thanks for your kind words. It looks like I'm hitting the water with Roberta and others tomorrow so, fingers crossed, I might pick up some good tips. I mean, it can't be THAT hard to catch a fish,surely?

Then again......

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Good one!! Look forward to catching up! The water over there has less boats on it, and lots of good flattie & bream grounds. biggrin2.gif Hopefully we'll be able to put you onto both!

Mind you ..... I couldn't land a bream (or even sight one) at The Entrance on the weekend, so don't fancy my chances!wacko.gif Michelle (from Lemon Tree Passage) is coming up on Thurs & we'll be fishing every day, including Tuncurry again, so if you are still around, feel free to join us. Michelle is an accomplished fisho as well. She also has a PA!

See ya later this morning!


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