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Pittwater report (11/4/2011)


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Today we headed out for a session on pittwater. A late start at 7:30. It was absolutely dead with no surface action and we trolled around west head for a good half hour without a hit. We then trolled Mackerel beach to no avail however, my rapala magnum lure was bitten off at the boat by a tailor of some description. We tried Stokes point for a while and after a good half hour our mullet strip was monsered by a lovely 29cm bream. Its a shame we didn't enter the pirtek challenge because we don't usually get a bream that big in pittwater. Straight away our prawn bait was taken and after a short fight a little 20cm snapper came up. Almost immediately after that our Ganged Pilchard Biat was monstered and then to my surprise it was only a 16cm snapper. It turned out that the bait it was caught on was only 2cm smallet than it. Talk about punching above your weight! After that it went dead quiet and we trolled a little more for no success. A dissappointing day but atleast we got one good fish out of it!


post-14949-099379200 1302509248_thumb.jpg

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