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New spot pays off

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Was pissing down rain last night, thought to my self, stuff it ill go fishing. Was thinking about going somewhere undercover, maybe a wharf or something? Stuff it couldnt be bother going that far, ill just go some where around the corner. Set of at around 5 or 6, found a nice spot near a marina, above the water.

Still pissing down rain, set up my bait rod to try and catch some yakkas, but nothing for around 1 hour, except 6 small bream, biggest going 23cm. Set up one of my new jewie combos with a whole pillie to try and catch a tailor, and was abit bored so put a whole pillie on my bait rod, the pillie on the bait rod was out for 15 second before it got smashed! ZZZZZZzzZZZZZzzz, set the hooks, its a good fishing, then i see something swimming under my feet, it was a big eel, thought nothing of it, then my line was going in the same derection as the eel, and it wasnt stopping, it slows down abit and comes to the surface, but was under the wharf marina thing in the dark and i couldnt see what it was, its was splashing and rolling on the surface then took another big dive..ZZZZzzZZZZZZZZZ....ping! :BangHead: But i wasnt to angry, i kinda knew it was a eel.

The rain lightened up and my Abu 7000 was going off, i set the hooks, heavy with a couple of big head shakes, long story short, in comes a mid 50's flathead. But it in a esky filled with water will i get the camera, a couple of pic and send her on her ways. Out goes another two pillies, and it goes quiet for around 45 mins.

My baitcaster is getting acoule of bites, i set the hooks not a bad fish, in comes a 26cm breams acouple of pic then back in she goes. I wind my Abu in and theres on the head left, soo out goes another one, 5 mins later was getting some good bites, i set the hooks and in comes a 32cm break, not to bad. Then i see some small fish swimming around in the shallows, throw a bit of pillie on a hook, and in comes a yakka, caught about 5 then sent two out, one on my new Abu 7000 and New Daiwa Opus Bull 6000. Now its just a waiting game.

Half an hour later, the rod tip on my Abu 7000 was going a lil spastic, and i noticed something on the surface where my livie was, and every time its splashed my rod tip would bend and what not. And every time there was a splash, it would take a lil bit of line, this was going on for about 5 mins, soo pick up the rod, and when it ran, i tried to set the hooks, theres weight and a lot of weight! Then the line went slack! :BangHead: :angry4:

Wind it back in, and theres no yakka, just two 6/0 hooks, out goes another yakka, and there something in the water, 2 things swimming side by side, on a closer look, there squid, i rushed to tie on a squid jig on a handline, and thorw it out, i see a white shadow, following the squid jig, i give it 2 hard jerks then let it sink, bang, its on i got a squid, inking every where but luckly didnt get me. I send it out livie, and nothing for about 30 mins and decide to call it a night. Not a bad night.

Sorry for the long report haha, ill try and put pic up when i find the cord for the camera

Cheers, Zac :wave1:

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Very nice report mate, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you got on to a few species and did everything you could to catch and present live bait for something bigger. Do that enough times and you will come up trumps.


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