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Sunday the 10th


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Went for a quick fish yesterday arvo about lunch time in middle harbour for a few hours. The weather report wasn't looking good but the thought of hooking a few and rain jacket was enough to get me out the door.

Got to the 'secret spot' about 1 and it was beautiful but didn't take long before the weather front moved in...and soon after the rain started so did the fish. We were fishing with pillies, the pick was fillets, but the fish were warrier than normal and very hard to hook but after a few tackle changes ended up with 2 nice trevs, 1st about 350mm, 2nd bout 450. First trevallys i've ever hooked outside of townsville (you're doing something wrong if you can't hook em up there...plague proportions) so overall a good arvo...apart from the weather but you can't win em all

Cheers Leo

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good on you mate, its amazing how many times i have been successful over the years on days or nights when most other inteligent people are indoors due to bad wheather conditions. good on you for braving the conditions, sound like you were aptly rewarded.


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G/W Leo. Trevs are mad fun on silly string! :thumbup:

I got some round same size myself on the coast- right on the peak of the tide got dusted on a big one that went hell for leather early and managed to reach the structure.

Oh well thats fishing and hence the reason why we keep going back.

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