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beach sesh last nite


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Wanted to do a night harbour sesh in my boat last nite but my gut was telling me to hit the beach instead. So armed with bait that went into the freezer after thurs nite aborted sesh cause of all the kelp that choked the 3 beaches that i tried, i went back to one of them. And did i cop a work out, landed 20 plus bronzies and lost a good jew in the 4 hour sesh. The best beach sesh i have ever had!!! Biggest bronzie landed was a 4 footer and there were much bigger ones laughing at my 60lb trace.

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Squid and yakkas from the freezer. I also got a big tailor last nite which i got 5 baits out of, cut the head off on a angle so u get some belly with guts in it, and i cut the two slabs in half. A big noah took the head bait and the jew took the slab. It still amazes me how quick a beach can change, 3 days earlier it was unfishable and last nite not 1 piece of kelp in the water.

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