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Sensational Parra'!


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Nipped out for a quickie this morning before the phones started ringing and what a morning it turned out to be. I fished boat hulls mainly with a combination of Ecogear Pad tue's and Bug Ants on 1/16th oz heads. Before the tide turned it seemed like every boat had a fish under it and not only that there were some stonkers too! :)

Final bream tally for the morning was 1 x 39cm, 2 x 38cm, 1 x 37cm, 4 fish in the 30-35cm range and so many bream under 30cm I lost count.

Here's some pics (all self timer shots, so be kind :)) ...

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Thanks guys, still buzzin' here :)

8foot - no, didn't go up as far as IC, I got a few fish in Five Dock tho', but most fish came from the boats moored at the mouth of the Lane Cove River.


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Wayne boat -based mate

Matrix I had scales on me, but I couldn't be a*sed to weigh them to be honest. :)

Joe (the cool one) yeah, a net scar or maybe a squid bite, who knows??

Thumperbream all went back and are happily swimmiing around, hopefully avoiding the nets. :(:)

Thanks fellas,

Joe (the pommy one) :)

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Good work joe these are the days you treasure. How did you go on sat morning? :1clap:  :1yikes:


Hey Harry, was that you we saw?

Sorry I couldn't hear you very well from where we were mate, and I didn't wanna bring the boat any closer in case I scared off your fish! :1prop::)

From what I could make out you had a great morning, Rich' said he thought he heard you say "2 jews"?? :thumbup:

Our session was OK but a wee bit slow. I had a 'Barry Crocker' while Rich' knocked a few on the head (in a manner of speaking :)). :1fishing1:


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