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Got my bag limit in 2 hours.


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A leisurely start today, leaving home around 9am. Hiked along the beach and turned right instead of left and walked through the bush to our spot. Took my old mate, Bob the bus driver, along and we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks. Hmmm, maybe a session inside for today. When we got to the top of the cliffs, the swell was rolling through but the platform looked very fishable. Climbed down and set up the rod with about 2m of trace under the float, as it was top of the tide. Baited up with some cabbage and cast into the white water. Float went down slowly, so I thought it may be overweighted, but no, I was on within 10 seconds of hitting the water. Next bait saw the float lying sideways in the water, so I wound in to see if it had tangled during the cast. Nope, bait gone. Happened exactly the same way for the next two baits, so the penny dropped. The water was crystal clear, and I could see blackfish, drummer, silver drummer, trevally and tailer feeding within 2 rod lengths out from the rocks. The fish were actually 'tailing' on the surface and feeding on the top. As they took the bait, they were swimming up with it, causing my float to tip sideways. I had not yet weighted this float, as a pig scored my other float last week. I only had lead on the trace, to keep the float upright in the water. Live and learn. Bob finally rigged his rod and cast in. He was getting downs, but not hooking up. I shortened my trace to 1m under the float and hooked up immediately. I told Bob what the fish were doing, and to shorten up, but he was having no luck. Meantime, I was getting tired of hooking up, walking to the keeper net and back to the water Another mate, Rick turned up and he fishes with a bobby cork, but he also wasn't catching fish. During the next two hours, I landed 20 fish and hit my bag limit. Bob had two and Rick had two. I decided to start cleaning my catch, and the fish came on. Bob landed another three fairly quickly and Rick got two more. A fantastic few hours with a couple of mates. Relaxing fishing, beautiful location and a bag of fish. I released 10 and kept 10.




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