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Fireline Exceed v Sunline Castaway?


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Hey guys, im tossing up whether to spool my new 2011 twinpower 2500 with either the new fireline exceed 4kg or sunline castaway 10lb. they are both similar diameter. will be used for bream, snapper, flathead, salmon and other pelagics.

Also possibly thinking about daiwa egi sensor white too.

your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I haven't had any experience with the exceed yet but have ran both castaway and daiwa sensor on certates. They both cast well and are amazingly smooth but you have to watch your line management very carefully as I've found them prone to wind knots especially when you're flicking light lures and plastics and if you're paying around $60 to $70 a spool it's extremely painful when you do get the occasional wind knots.

If you want a good hassle free line that cast and manages well I'd recommend Fins Windtamer this line is 1/2 the cost and manages alot better however the casting is still good but it's no way near as smooth in casting.

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