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Pumicestone Passage 1/6

Ken A

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I whizzed around the tackle shop early this morning when I was told my SX-40's in the new colours had arrived as well as my Bug Ants :biggrin2: Love trying out new stuff :biggrin2:

When the tide turned I managed to squeeze 90 minutes in for a fishing session before doing the tourist guide bit for the rellys.

I spent 30 minutes at Monash St for 1 fish so I gave it away & headed south. I started there using an SX-40 in the new 308 colour & got 2 nice Bream around the 31/32 cm mark then I changed over to the 309 colour for another 2 similar size fish. Things went pretty slow then so I swapped over to my old favorite the 306 :biggrin2: I pulled one reasonable bream & decided to give the 313 colour a run. Instant success getting a nice 34cm Bream first throw followed by a similar sized fish next cast.

A few minutes later it was scoffed by a 37cm Whiting followed by a 45 Flathead. Over the next 30 minutes I took another 6 Bream as well. It was great short session in ordinary conditions with 15 knot Southerly blowing. Still whose complaining after 16 fish. Kept 2 bream & the whiting for a feed.

Final score on colours -Bream only

306 - 1

308 - 3

309 - 2

313 - 8

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Don't put posts up like that, bloomin Swoffa will remove ALL 313's from ALL Australian tackle stores in no time

That thought entered my mind JD :1prop:

I'm using 2 spots now. I fish Monash & my little testing spot. Monash St is a very consistent spot but isn't fishing really well at the moment with the falling moon. It will pick up in a few days though.

The other spot is similar but smaller & doesn't get boat traffic , crab pots ,jet skis & other fisherman in it. It's a good spot to try new HB's & SP's & get a decent comparison on what works & what doesn't because you know for a fact the fish haven't been disturbed at all. I found it 2 weeks ago & there's no other footprints there & the vines I put across the track are unmoved :biggrin2:

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I was very careful when I stepped over the vines .... you said not to touch anything!!! :074:

Good stuff Ken ... glad to see the new colours working and you still getting a few fish every outing! The 37cm whiting must've been a nice surprise :1clap::1fishing1:

Apparently there are still a few Queenfish about in the Passage ... you keen to do some live baiting for them before they disappear? Or will you be busy with the rellos? :1badmood:


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I'm busy for a fortnight as far as I know. Squeezing fishing in between driving. There the ODD queenfish around.Mainly at the board walk. None on the jetty since Thursday.

I was very careful when I stepped over the vines

Errr let you in on a secret :1naughty: They aren't at stepping over height :1prop:

Keep looking mate you may find it one day :1naughty: but I doubt it :risata::tease:

I'm practicing blurring backgrounds in photos now! :badair:

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Guest Jocool

Sounds like you have some fun up there! May be seeing you as I have to deliver a boat up your neck of the woods soon! :074:

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Guest bluecod
Apparently there are still a few Queenfish about in the Passage ...



Thank goodness I read Herby's post twice - I had a hard day at the office and when I first read it I THOUGHT it read "Apparently there are a few Queenslanders in the back Passage..."

Had me almost as concerned as Jimbo's post when he took Iain away for a week. :wacko::wacko:

BTW good little session Ken - you'll be glad when the rellos leave you more time for the important things in life

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Jeffo - its a bit of fun getting Bream, let me know when your available & I'll see when I can get a trip in between relly comittments :1naughty:

Joe - Cool :biggrin2: Hope to see ya.

Bluecod - You would think by now I would be used to the bi-annual destruction of my fishing schedule , my beer supply & my sanity but I am not. It's 2 weeks & 3 days till I'm free & thats only for about 10 days then more #$%&^ visitors. It would be OK if they were keen fishos but they are all non fishos. :thumbdown:

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