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Fishing wharves of Sydney Harbour


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There seem to be a number of members frequently catching prized fish from wharves of Sydney Harbour. I believe the dynamics of wharf fishing have changed, as previously wharves were used mostly for targeting 'bread and butter species'. There are many factors which may have caused the shift towards using heavier tackle and bigger baits although, the opportunities were probably always there.

My hat goes off to some of the members, who catch Jewies consistently from land-based spots and Wharves. I think by harnessing their knowledge happiness is just a short cast away. Obviously, tides, season, moon phase, location and pressure readings play a more important role in success regarding this style of fishing than they do fishing from a boat, due to the many limiting factors involved.

The wharves located upstream of the main harbour in often cloudier water appear to be the subject of a few good catches, although other wharves, such as those around the Harbour Bridge have their moments too. The aim to catch a nice Jew (+10kg ) from a Harbour wharf has begun for the coming Winter. Any tips from those with the expertise would be welcomed.

Thanks, Brett

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mate best advice is check your tides fresh bait and have alot of patients and 1 more thing dont give up and just fish the harbour try the hacking and the georges river

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I had a good mate tell me once that

"When you fish from a boat you try and cast as close to the shore and when land based you try and cast out as far as possible"

I dont know if that helped but as above fresh big baits and tides and then it's all up to you to put in a few hours.

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yes everyone is targeting these big jews of the wharves in the harbour....but i havent seen anyone catch these big monsters yet from the harbour....i seen a photo of a monster being caught a 19kg sample from one the wharves but the photo looked like from the early 90's.......you would probably get the bigger samples more up river like the hawksbury....but you do need a boat.....the wharves are getting a few soapies and up to 100cm samples.....but it comes with time and alot of hard effort....well good luck guys....tight lines


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