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Game fishing (technique help)


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hey guys, i recently had a chat with a stranger about game fishing at rose bay. He told me the process of gaming fishing are as followed

1. collect live bait (slimy)

2. look for a certain temperature in the water because bait fish are there

3. run skip bait to make the bait fish swim towards the surface

4. run skirts to catch tuna and marlin

that is roughly what i heard.

Anyhow i am interested in game fishing and would like to know more details about the process of targeting king, tuna and marlin.

1.I would like the know temperature do you look for in the water?

2.How do you rig skip bait?, What is skip bait?, Is the skip bait trolled at a depth or at the surface?

3.If i been told the wrong stuff, how do you guys target tuna and how far do you go offshore?

Thanks for the help

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Do what I did when I was younger & join a gamefishing club.

You'll learn more on the water than what you can be told here.

It's a great experience & alot of fun. You'll probably get your 1st marlin as well.



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