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Theives about The hole in the wall sylvania


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hey fello fishos, please be aware if you arent allready there are young males attempting to steal boat trailers at sylvania boat ramp.

I was the only car in the car park last night i arived back at ramp around 11pm to find about 8 young blokes sitting on my trailer and talking. They had two white vans and 2 sedan sporty cars. I stayed nboat and watched them while cleaning fish i gave them benifit of the doubt they were just hanging out with mates. I made a phone call to the wife and about 5 seconds later they were in cars driving away like manics.

I checked my car and tralier over all was good except they had taken the chain and plug of and attmpted to unhich but i had the clamp on so it cant be stolen.

Mabye council needs to install cameras at boat ramps and more lighting.

Stay safe cheers

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Hi. I havent used this ramp for years. Used to happen a lot years ago. I now use the new ramp out along foreshore drive as this ramp seems to have 24 hr security. Im not sure how long this will last but it good for now anyway. I know it a fair way back to the area but for peice of mind when night fishing it cant be beat.

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yeah I ended insuring my trailer for that reason.

scummy Ba3#!&ts :ranting2:

Hi Groper,

Your boat insurance not including trailer? I ask this question bcoz mine is automatically included in my boat insurance. I was insured by Club Marine.

Cheers Phil

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