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Havin A Go At Making A Poddy Mullet Trap !


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Hey Raiders,

Thought id let everyone know that Im gonna construct a poddy mullet trap this arvo and head down to the local georges to see if I can get some nice jewy baits !! I know a few spots that hold poddys cause i see them bust up all the time when i burley for breambo's !!

So i decided i would go with a simple trap, the cut coke bottle inverted trap !! lol sounds fancy but very far from it.

Ive never made one before or used one before, but i heard they work and ive done alot of research and i think i have it down pat.

But basically my method will be to place some broken bread into the bottle with a heavy lead to make bottom, but i plan on placing it in the shallower grounds, apparently its best if the trap is only jus covered !!! Once this is achieved I hope that when i bring her in, its full of poddy's that my next jew fish can enjoy. !!!

Has anyone got anything else they can add to help my success rate, like i mentioned have never done this before and really just going off what I have researched.

Any info will be much appreciated,

cheers raiders,


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