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Kings in the harbour 21-22nd


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The kings are around-you just have to find them and try to get them to bite! Having said that I fooled a few

on fly on Friday and Saturday.I had some 80+cm specimens around the boat on both days,but at this time of

year they are very timid on most methods of catching them.

One of the kings.


post-2678-038715200 1306042813_thumb.jpg

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Would've been fun on the fly gear Mark, nice lookin King.


There are few things better than a Kingie take when you are strippiing back the fly.The line stops abruptly-then your problems really start!


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Yeh they are still around, we caught some rats on yakkas on friday, along with heaps of trevs. Water was freezing though only 17 degrees, got up to 18.5 outside near manly.

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