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Caribbean reef runner modifications


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Hi all,

After 3 yrs of owning my reef runner and had it podded by someone who thought they could build pods. I just had a new custom pod done and trim tabs fitted as well as having the hard top lifted, the blue strip repainted. All i have left to do is reinstall the 200hp optimax when this rain stops. Hope you like the pic's.


post-5996-097211400 1306796152_thumb.jpg

post-5996-071933300 1306796189_thumb.jpg

post-5996-018280200 1306796228_thumb.jpg

post-5996-017874900 1306796472_thumb.jpg

post-5996-092909000 1306796487_thumb.jpg

post-5996-049242900 1306796517_thumb.jpg

post-5996-039693700 1306796542_thumb.jpg

post-5996-031621200 1306796569_thumb.jpg

post-5996-083729900 1306796623_thumb.jpg

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new pod looks the goods ,did the old one become detached when out on the water,that would be a freak out :1yikes:

Na dunc333, But when unbloted it fell off very easy, It used to spray water up over the engine Cause it wasnt low enough and used to slap the water and was 200+kgs. There was alot of water and mold behind it so water must have been getting inbetween.. The new one is 10x's better and follows the shape of the hull like a pod should do..

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Looking good Benny, hope to see you out on the water looking fresh!

Thanks mate, Im hoping to get on the water asap.. Just need to get off the lounge and put it all back together now.. Engine should be back on tomorrow morning finger's X'ed.


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