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Rod tip repair


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I recently purchased a Pflueger Trion rod second hand that has arrived missing about 12cm off the tip of the rod and wanted to examine the options available about its repair.

It seems that the tip was broken/missing prior to delivery and wanted to know if repairing it was actually possible given that I don't have the tip and if so, how much would I be looking at for repairs. I'd rather not attempt it myself as I'm certain I would make it worse.

Alternatively, would it actually be possible to use the rod in its current condition as it seems to have broken right next to the second closest guide. I measured the rod against another 7ft rod and as mentioned it only seems to be missing the section from the 2nd guide to the tip and the tip guide itself.

Would the rod (action and otherwise) be significantly affected if I just used it as is?


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take the last guide off and bung on a new tip all you need to do. i broke the tip off my trion in the same spot, 1/2 the guides were buggered, rebuilt it good as new, just not as tippy but still works great

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