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Organising a group charter

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Hi guys,

We are getting a lot of calls for single people wanting to catch yellowfin and join a group. If anyone is interested show your interest by replying to this thread here and we will put up some dates and hopefully get a group of you guys out there and catch your first yellowfin.

The cost for the day including all tackle, soft drinks & lunch is $1750.

Looking forward to your replies.

Cheers Mike

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Hi bust off... Everyone takes it in turns. We have 2 people feeding out hooks with bait down the cube trail, someone cubing & 2 -3 people jigging. So everyone gets a go - we had a good day out today.

Cheers Damo

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Hi Raiders

If your keen to come on a Reef Magic Charter, Im organising one for Sat June 18. So far we have 4 fellow Fishraiders confirmed. Theres at least one more spot open, and i dont think we'l be taking more than 6 people

This is a great chance to get meet some fellow raiders, learn from some pro's and get amongst some fin !

If your keen - msg me and ill sort you out with the details.

1. Me

2. velveteenrabbit

3. jamil

4. Mr.KingSpooled

5. kmatch

Edit: we got our 5th, so the group is going :yahoo:

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Hi guys,

I'm out of town until end of June, but I'm keen as from 1st weekend of July onwards.

Are the YFT still running at that time?

I'd be fying solo- or maybe can hustle up one more if required.

PM me please.



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