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Fishing ice jigs

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G'day raiders,

early next month basscatcher and i are fishing the lake St Clair round of the NSW Bassin' comp. With winter coming round and the schooling fish deep, I was wanting to have another trick up my sleeve for these deep fish. So i was wondering how many raiders have used Ice jigs before and what there preffered brand size and weight were, also how they generally fished them. i have a general idea, it would just be nicer to have a more specific idea.

Cheers Stuart

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Thats alright nanook, by lake st clair i mean the one in the hunter. And ice jigs are a deep water jig typically used in ice covered lakes in the states. this is the rapala version of them post-11518-015576900 1307076801_thumb.png hope that helped

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post-8890-087757500 1307086081_thumb.jpgpost-8890-078456700 1307086075_thumb.jpgpost-8890-007477600 1307086067_thumb.jpgOk Mate- well I have like 10 + years experience with using ice jigs up in the Arctic- it isn't so much the jig, it is the action that you use to lure the fish, plus the available light- i.e: reflection of the lure off the available light from the hole. Fish in the winter month's are sluggish and want an easy meal,so they will be attracted to bright flashes adn of course realistic action of a lure. using lures that mimic the natural baitish that inhabit those lakes will be an advantage so if you don't know the ecosystem or heirachy of the lakes you are fishing- then find out,.just my 5c worth...good luck

post-8890-097038300 1307086041_thumb.jpg

post-8890-034331000 1307086044_thumb.jpg

post-8890-068471300 1307086045_thumb.jpg

post-8890-066958600 1307086061_thumb.jpg

post-8890-007477600 1307086067_thumb.jpg

post-8890-099012400 1307086070_thumb.jpg

post-8890-080357300 1307086072_thumb.jpg

post-8890-078456700 1307086075_thumb.jpg

post-8890-087757500 1307086081_thumb.jpg

post-8890-092076800 1307086084_thumb.jpg

post-8890-074784600 1307086139_thumb.jpg

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Mate from memory the ice jig looks preety similar to a redfin jig...i reckon if you google redfin jig techniques you might be on the right track...i've not use either so maybe be I'm just talkin BS too....

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thanks poddy trapper after my exams i will definantly check this out. :biggrin2:

Nanook, AWESOME PHOTOS, some surreal fishing conditions with brilliantly sized fish. :thumbup:

thanks for the suggestions to.

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Can't help with the icejig techniques but am just admiring Nanook's photos of where they were originally meant to be used. Such big fish out of a small hole in the ice! Love the micro rods and the stiff fish being held up for the photos ...


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They are easy to use mate.

1. Find where the fish are holding.

2. Drop the jig down over them and let it sink down.

3. Lift the rod and let the jig flutter down.

The Rapala ones are the best because they do a figure 8 circle on the way down which is really enticing.

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