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As most of you are aware, Dusky and myself are now living in the Northern Territory.

We went out fishing the other day to a place called Old Mission which is part of Port Keats where we live. We went out loaded with our new barra combinations and some flash lures etc, that where recommended for some serious beach fishing. We also had one of the locals with us.

Set up our positions to do some serious fishing in a spot we where told held heaps of the good stuff.

Our local found a hand line on the beach and after rigging her up with hook and sinker (all she asked for) and the squid for bait she proceded to outfish us.

3 White fellas with lots of good stuff and no bites after nearly 4 hours of fishing, and our local with 5 decent sized bream to take home.

Gotta tell ya, these local indigenous folk sure know how to fish.

Any pointers for first time NT fishoes, or should we do as the locals do and just use hand line and squid.

Hopefully soon I can post that perfect Barra shot.



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Plastics are the go up there. Fish haven't seen them yet.

Lures like 7" jerk shads and paddle tails on half oz 7/0 jig heads casted out and hopped back should get bites. Try fishing around rocky outcrops for better results that beach.

Otherwise bread trails and floating bread baits for my favorite fish, the Milk fish.

See how fast one of these buggers spool you, amazing power!


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keep going mate. When fishing the beaches i would either use plastics ( 5-7 inch) or some poppers. you will then bring queenies and trevs into the equation too. Find an area with current and structure and have a go for barra there! ideally get on a boat and have a fish in the mangroved lined creeks!

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