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POLYCRAFT 455 Owner!


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Hi guys

I'm looking at purchasing a Polycraft 455 CC Boat (2002 - 2006) and was wondering if there are any Raiders have one and what they did for a plumbed live bait tank and downriggger?

If anyone has a bait tank setup and could post some pictures of their setup along with cost involved it would be great!

Lastly, how well does the Polycraft hold up when a DR is installed ? Would a DR with a 8LB bomb flex the gunnel / strip the screws used to mount it?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi mate, I had a 455 side console and mounted a live bait tank on the port side swim platform, worked well.

As for the rigger, your probably better off using a gimble mount type, the plastic does flex.

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Hi Trung,

I have a side console polycraft 455 with a fully plumbed tank on the starboard swim platform. it fits nicely. i also run a rail mounted down rigger with a 10lb bomb on the port side. it works a treat.


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I'd be looking at the V-Lock Mount, I know the thread on it was deleted as spam but it looks a like a good product and would have used it on my Poly 4.1 Challangers downrigger had I know about it. I wouldn't worry too much about screwing into poly just use 14 gauge screws and don't overtighten.

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