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dead weight at narra lakes entrance


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Had a crack at the entrance channel to narrabeen lakes on saturday night..

Was using small gulp prawns and jerk shads on nitro jig heads on the outgoing tide, and on 3 occasions, something hit with a 'surge' rather than a 'smack'... made a short run of varying speeds and then just became total dead weight.

I was fishing pretty light, 6lb braid and fluoro leader on 2-4kg, and 9lb mono on a 3-5kg.. was just after tailor, salmon, bream and flatties, and I could not budge this thing once it stopped.

Bent 2 hooks, and busted a good knot on this thing... I didn't want to catch it after the first time, it just kept going for my offerings.

Just wondering what you guys reckon it might have been... my guess is a ray of some description, but I'm a bit confused as it would have to be fairly big to be impossible to budge, however light my gear.. too big to bother going for 2-4 inch plastics surely?

Any other ideas?

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there is alot of kelp running in and out of the lake at the moment especially at the entrance

peter :1fishing1:

That was definitely my first thought too, but I'm pretty sure at least one run was in the opposite direction to current, the others were perpendicular(-ish) to it.

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