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Went for a quick fish last night and managed to get a big cuttlefish. I've never kept one before but I thought it was a good opportunity to have some fresh bait for the long weekend.

I managed to skin the body however I couldn't seem to get the skin off the tentacles.

Now I have never used it for bait before so can anyone give me some pointers on which parts of the cuttlefish are the best bits for bait. The candles seem extremely soft and tender so i think they may be used first then the body then I'll use the tentacles last. I'm planning on trying for a big winter Jew off the beach tonight if the weather isn't too bad.

Does it matter if I use the tentacles without skinning them? Sorry for the long post, I'm just after some info on using cuttlefish as bait.



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Don't bother skinning the cuttly if your using it for bait. All of its great for bait. Candles, head and the hood. The rear hood can make good eating as the flesh is quite sweet and has a nice texture. I have cooked it just the same as squid. Jewies love the head and I often have used the ink sack to cover the bait before I throw it out. I was once told that the ink attracts jews and snapper as they relate it to prey in trouble. It would make great snapper bait when the swell is suitable. How did you go with the groper ?.


On Strike

P.S. Kingys love it too.

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