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Wild times on the NZ North Island


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I dont usually post a lot becuase I always just like reading the reports ,but this trip was fantastic and my first overseas fishing trip.

I was joined by my good friends Paul,Mal and Shane all work colleauges.

The anticipation was to hard to bare after many many months of organisation and readying the heavy duty tackle needed for these bruisers of the sea.

The trip was planned to fish a 7 day stay and fish 3 full days on the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand.

post-256-075094000 1307766892_thumb.jpg

post-256-048857400 1307766964_thumb.jpg

post-256-097427200 1307766962_thumb.jpg

post-256-099696200 1307766977_thumb.jpg

The weather was a little on the wild side for the trip with day one 28klms to sea with a 3 to 4 mtr swell at a place called "Schooner Rock"

The rough and slow trip out was worth the wait as the skipper sounded out some large fish in 60 to 80 mtrs of water.

Out came the heavy tackle and my heart was racing as we sent our 250gm > 300 grm jigs into the depths and almost instantly the jigs got walloped in a BIG way with our arms and drags screaming in pain!. First fish to hit the surface was a very nice 18 kg kingy :yahoo:

As the day wore on with many big kings hitting the deck and being released the heavy tackle had taken its toll on this old fella so I decided to get the light gear out and test my skills and give my arms and back a rest(getting soft in my twilight years)I hooked many different species on the 145 mm flik baits with a 1 oz jighead on my ten pound outfit including barracouta,salmon or kahwai as the kiwis call them,snapper to 4kgs and kings to 5 kgs which is top sportfishing in anyones books as well as a few pink mao maos.The smorgasboard of species was amazing and every drop it would be something different.

At one stage the Kahwai were so thick that I just flicked out a bare jighead and was rewarded once again to the amazement of all on board.

Day 2 back out to our same location as the previous day and the wind was increasing to 25 to 30knts but the seas had gone down a little to 3 mtrs :074:

The fishing wasnt as hot as the previous day which was a little dissappointing considering where we were but enough to keep us interested and some horses among them with a few big smokings on the 50 and 80lb gear( BIG FISH) We landed snapper to 5kgs on 300gm jigs and barracouta and then the big slimey mackeral turned up and some of these were nearing 60cms,we live baited a few of them but for some unknown reason they went unmolested.

Day 3 we decided to fish in close as the wind had become gale force and the skipper offered to let us fish just outside the harbour entrance and were entertained by snapper all day to 7kgs and more salmon and rat kings.

It was a trip to remember for many reasons and if you are thinking about a cheapish trip close to Oz to fish for big fish ? this may be the place for you.

I know I will be going back really soon and thanks to everyone who made this trip so memorable.

post-256-051873600 1307766966_thumb.jpg

post-256-001328400 1307766969_thumb.jpg

post-256-060204300 1307766971_thumb.jpg

post-256-010651500 1307766974_thumb.jpg

post-256-025333200 1307766976_thumb.jpg

post-256-014738400 1307766980_thumb.jpg

post-256-087971200 1307766981_thumb.jpg

post-256-050684500 1307767011_thumb.jpg

post-256-042021900 1307767013_thumb.jpg

post-256-045967200 1307767015_thumb.jpg

post-256-086103700 1307767020_thumb.jpg

post-256-034072500 1307767025_thumb.jpg

post-256-038076400 1307767027_thumb.jpg

post-256-034201700 1307767029_thumb.jpg

post-256-052236900 1307767031_thumb.jpg

post-256-069806600 1307767036_thumb.jpg

post-256-014524600 1307767039_thumb.jpg

post-256-077647300 1307767053_thumb.jpg

Here is a video of some of the action

Regards Tom

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Thanks for your comments Fello fisho's

Hi Cungee George

Fast or slow retrieve did not make much of a differance Most fish were picked up mid water.

Some of the Snapper were taken on Jigs upto 300 Grams. & some taken on plastics.

George we were there Mid June. In November the Kings are on the Surface taking Stick baits & Poppers

Alex thanks for your comments.

I took my own gear over there,, Try to but your Jigs here, in NZ they are very Expensive.

Dawia reel with 50LB Braid matched with Saltiga rod 30 -60LB. Paul was fishing with 80 Braid with matching Saltiga 4500 with matching rod.

I also had a lot of fun with my Spin outfit 10LB Braid matched with a 4000 Twin power & T,Curve Powerspin

Throwing 145mm flick baits & 160mm Bass Assians . Mark our Skipper was very good , I'm sure you will have a Great time :thumbup:

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Thanks Tom, I have decided to go a Shimano Twin power 10000 and still tossing up on 50lb and 80lb.. Murphys law says I will make the wrong choice haha.

I second what Cungee George said, in the video when you asked if you could keep the King he said something that you couldn't quite make out.

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