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Tangles - Live Baiting


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I have recently been getting yakkas to live bait for Jewfish but I am having some tangling issues.

I am fishing landbased with an overhead combo and I use a paternoster rig when im livebaiting. I have caught jewfish in this particular area on fresh bait but never using livies. Basically everytime I bring my yakka back my dropper loop is wrapped around my main line killing my poor little yakka.

Can someone advise me on a better rig? or should I change my existing rig?

Any help would be great.

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Mate, i fish yakkas under a float but the rig i would use is this: A leader of maybe 30lb attached to main line, a heavy ball sinker, 4/0 Mustad live bait hook. Thats all you need mate. Paternosters are mainly for offshore fishing but if you stick to that rig i would either shorten you dropper loop or lengthen the distance between your hook and sinker.


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i agree with mack attack, i use a normal style rig.....30lb mailine, ball/bean/star sinker depending on current, swivel, 20-40lb flouro leader, then i usuually have a snelled arrangment of 2/0 - 8/0 live bait hooks or occy circle hooks. standard blood knots are all i use also.

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In addition to the rig change the others have mentioned, depending which way the wind is blowing, you can also tie a ballon to the main line and let the wind take it out further and away from any other lines you have in the water.

Depending where you are it is possible to have lines out at different distances off the bank and at different depths as you can adjust the depths by where you put tie the ballon to the main line.

However if the wind is blowing towards you your stuffed using this method.

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