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Just received a phone call from my mate Mick to let me know that a good friend’ John had had a bad fall at north head :1yikes: . Luckily he’ll live; :1clap: he has stitches in his head and back extensive bruising scratches from head too toe :( . He also lost his backpack, keys and wallet. He just finished fishing and was walking out when he lost his footing and fell about 10 meters I’m told :1yikes: , he was found by a couple of fisho’s ”dazed and bleeding” who helped him out and rang for an ambulance for which I would like to thank them they also rang later to see how he was getting on :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: . John is a very experienced rock fisherman but shit dose and can happen, you should never fish the stones on your pat if john had been knocked out he may well be dead now or if the other fishermen hadn’t found him god knows what could have happened. :(

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Guest Jocool

Timely warning with the rock season upon us! Good to hear he will be OK, nonetheless worse for wear.

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Don't go on the rocks alone! I still have scars from 30 years ago when I was washed in at Merrimbula! Three days in the Pambula base hospital with concussion & 35 stiches. My mate saw me in a bloody heap and called the ambo - I was out for about 5 hours. If he wasn't there - god knows as it was mid-week and not a lot of rock fishos there.

Funny thing - I cannot fish off rocks now - a wave goes 'woof' near me and I am twenty feet up a cliff face with no idea hopw I got there :risata:

My old rock fishing rod has landed a lot of good jewies off the beach tho :1prop:

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