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G'day Raiders.

I usually fish plastics and havent really dedicated much time using the blade lures, i usually only try a few casts then switch back to plastics.

but next time i head out in the trusty old canoe im only going to take the blades so ill have no choice but to try and come up with a fish or two. :thumbup:

I know people catch bream on them but how do they go with flattys etc?

I fish the hacking and if you have a few pointers itd be a big help.



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We've recently started getting into vibes... caught a fair few flatties on them by simply lift & bounce off (or near) the bottom....

Make sure u have a set of long pliers handy to get the trebles out, esp when a flattie scoffs it down deep!....Also, if just targeting flatties, maybe up your leader strength so there's less chance of losing your $15 lure!

One last thing, maybe get couple different size vibes - to suit the depth you are fishing in.

Have fun... :1fishing1:

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I have been fishing exclusively with vibes for probably the last month. And I get out weekly.

I reported last week that I out fished a mate 15 fish to 2. I had vibe he had soft plastics. So give the vibe a go.

Every single strike bar one has been from leaving the vibe on the bottom for almost 20sec and when I lift up, I'm on!! This has been the case with the flatties and the bream.

From what I can tell they are attracted by the vibrations, but because water temp is so cold and so shut down they don't strike until they have ample opportunity.

I would try the Daiwa Gemakijin Vibes but there is also one out from Pure Fishing, which is a Soft Plastic Vibe. I haven't got my hands on one yet but they look perfect for estuary fishing.

In terms of leader, I have been fishing 10lb but have had to replace mine when I get flattie strikes. I would fish 15-20lb if you are specifically fishing for flatties.

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The TT Switchblades are good in the 1/8-1/4 sizes, I also use Berkley Big Eye blades in the 46mm, all of these i've caught flathead on, even a stinky salmon.

Also have a look at the Berkley Soft Vibes, i've been having a lot of success with these and the vibe from them is as strong as the metal blades, these are also scented and come in MF40 and MF50 sizes, I believe there is now the MF60, these I have also nailed flathead on and bream and EP's.

There's a few ways to work these blades but I found mixing it up a little and trying different ways has had good success, some ways the fish don't respond where other ways it sends them into a frenzy. Try YouTube for videos of how to use these blades.

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