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Lure fishing in Sydner harbour

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Hi Everyone,

Just arrived in Sydney, and would like to do some land-based lure fishing in the harbour.

I am in the Eastern Suburbs, and have found a few spots from Rose Bay up to Watsons Bay. I will be fishing at night (8pm - 11pm) and am looking for advice on what lures to use, and how to fish them.

All info would be greatly appreciated!!



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^^ Yeah not this time of year though.

One option is to fish the rocks at North Bondi. Hit it with a 20g Halco Twisty and you should pick something up. Salmon and tailor have been around. Whiting fishing off Bondi in summer is amazing it's just soo hard to get cast in with all the sufers and swimmers.

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In the harbour you will get kingies on poppers such as the halco rooster popper in the black and gold, in the colder months also. my mate went out last week and hooked 4 of them 2 were near the spit bridge.

The kingies move alot around the harbour and will still surface in shallower waters.

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