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How do you like to attach your lures?


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Hi Raiders,

I have been trying a few new ways of attaching lures lately and wondered what your thoughts were - I dont like tying nylon directly to split rings on hardbodys or vibes as I worry that if the knot moves then the line will get damaged - am I worrying too much? I have been using a loop knot for all of my hardbodys, jig heads and squid jigs but have also tried using a link clip - I have also used swivels for bibbed lures in the past.

What are your thoughts/what works for you guys?


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i also use a loop knot, never had a problem from trout to barra, i will say i do take the spit ring off! i dont think it would be much of a prob with heavier mono or fluro but light leader id think twice about it, hope this helps. hooroo daniel

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