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Yowie Bay Ramp


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Hi Raiders

The ramp at yowie Bay is being upgraded.

The ramp is being widened and a new floating Pontoon installed.

The work should be completed by the end of July.

If only they could upgrade the ramp at Kurnell.

Would be good for everybody on the south side of the Bay.


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A Kurnell Upgrade would be good. I got my 1 tonne ute bogged in there a month or so ago.

I vaguely remember there was either talk of Kurnell being upgraded or it was closed off for a while and there was the thought it was to be upgraded. Maybe I dreamt it though.

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kurnell is being upgraded made the local paper a couple of weeks ago

Did the artical indicate any word on timing?

It will be a big pluss to get rid of the oysters between the concrete slabs. Not a place to be with bare feet.

post-731-045069500 1312676452_thumb.jpg

Interesting they are spending money on the Yowie Bay ramp. If I recall correctly the parking is rather limited so lots of $$$$ for not a lot of gain.

Anyway , any upgrade is better than none.


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yowie should be good hopefully they leave water street same i like having no jetty keeps alimit on people goin there, :074:

Totally agree. You have to get there early or not at all.

Kurnell is possibly THE worst ramp in NSW it is going to be two lanes with a pontoon and a bit of dredging at the end of it.

Should be done in time for summer.


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