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Darwin Adventure, Barra Nationals and more

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, well what a month it has been , Darwin is such a great place warm and plenty of fish.

This trip started with my great buddy Hutcho, we took of to Darwin, met up with my brother -in-law Stephen and then off to the Daly River to compete in the Barra Nationals.

What a great event and it was a great pleasure to fish with Steve in the Pure Fishing Team and also meet up with some others as well as nephew Shane who eventually went on to win the event.

The Daly is a wild river full of Barra and the event was run to perfection, a heap of work goes into this event and it was flawless.

There were 60 teams of 3 on the river for 5 days of barra fishing and was just such a huge buzz to out there, as a team we finished mid pack and Shanes team took out the event and dad Steve was very proud.

After the nationals we headed back to Steves place, retuned the winnebago in which we stayed in and I took Hutcho into the airport as he had to come home.

Stage two and was time for me to work in one of Steve's tackle shops.

This was great and I really enjoyed the opportunity to do some hands on selling work in the shop, on my days off I went out on his charter boats which I didn't mind at all.

I went on a 2 day charter and a week later I went to Bathurst Island with just the skipper and deckie to pick up a few Locheed Maintenance guys.

This produced some top fishing with beaut golden shapper, some up around the 5-6 kg mark..

The next stage was when my family came up and we spent a week doing a bit more charter boat fishing and some touristy stuff . It was also our nieces wedding reception at one of the beautiful seaside fucntion places they have up there..

So that's about it, could have written alot more but didn't want to drag it out too much and bore everyone, as usual I took plenty of pics so here are just a few for you to check out...

Team Pure Fishing

post-3371-040582600 1308474426_thumb.jpg

Shane and uncle Ray

post-3371-065965100 1308474448_thumb.jpg

Steve big poly

post-3371-070802400 1308474529_thumb.jpg

one of Steves releases

post-3371-015438100 1308474583_thumb.jpg

one for me

post-3371-094449100 1308474626_thumb.jpg

and one for Hutcho

post-3371-008141000 1308474676_thumb.jpg

post-3371-005112500 1308474722_thumb.jpg

post-3371-061062100 1308474772_thumb.jpg

local wild life

post-3371-040800200 1308474813_thumb.jpg

couple of nice black jews

post-3371-099433400 1308474842_thumb.jpg

post-3371-095710900 1308474899_thumb.jpg

golden snapper beautiful eating

post-3371-054787800 1308474870_thumb.jpg

Wangi Falls Litchfield nat park

post-3371-084184900 1308474933_thumb.jpg

end of a great holiday

post-3371-089166100 1308474956_thumb.jpg

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Sounds like a fantastic trip! I hope to get up to Darwin for a week or two in the next year. Hopefully i get a few great fish like you :thumbup:! I caught a big golden snapper in Weipa last year and i have to say that it is the tastiest thing i have had in y life! Beautiful!

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:1welcomeani: back old fella! Looks like you had a terrific time away. Wholeheartedly agree about the Golden Snapper ... a superb table fish. :thumbup: Fantastic photos as always mate. I reckon the Golden Snapper and the Black Jewy may be worthy of record submission too!



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Well done Ray,

I can't catch a jew at ANY colour.

Come to think of it, I can't catch a snapper at ANY colour EITHER !

That's an awesome catch and what a top holiday as well.

We certainly need some inspiration during the doldrums of winter, even if it comes from reading other people's fishing reports....


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G'day ray! now thats livin? what a way to spend a month, those barra look around 700-800mm long, just curious on the size of the biggest fish landed for the comp, very tough to crack a metery.

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G'day ray! now thats livin? what a way to spend a month, those barra look around 700-800mm long, just curious on the size of the biggest fish landed for the comp, very tough to crack a metery.

There were about 15 meter barra, the biggest was a tickle over 109cms, Shane got beaten for biggest by 3 mm, he scored 2 over a meter..

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What can I say!! Just another life adventure with a great mate. I don't how we are gunna top that? I can't stop thinking about what a great time that was and the great people we met. Barra certainly set a level playing field what a fantastic sport fish.

I hope we can work out a plan to get back up there for next year. Steve is a champion bloke and a barra fishing guru.

Simply one of the best fishing trips I have ever had. For the rest of the raiders just do it, you won't be dissapointed Darwin is special.

Anyway time to attack the reds when the weather settles down.

Regards, Hutcho

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WOW! What an awesome adventure, Ray & Hutcho! How good that Shane took out the event & you guys hooked some goodies, too, with Team Pure Fishing!! AMAZING!!! I bet you are saving up again already for next year!

MORE PICS PLEASE!!! I know you have hundreds between you!!! biggrin2.gif


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