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Electric trailer / boat movers


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In reference to this post


followed by several weeks of research I found a suitable secondhand unit at the right price which I picked up on Saturday

post-731-007607700 1308520237_thumb.jpg

It's the Aussie Wheel which is made & sold in W.A.

For those who may be thinking of buying one of these units , some information that may be of interest.

Aussie Wheel is the Australian version (copy) of the Power Hitch. Power Hitch is made in the UK & sold by an agent at Londonderry.

I have discovered that they are not the easiest units to set up , ie it's not just a matter of hooking the towball to the coupling & pressing the button to tow or push the trailer into position.

It's a bit hard to explain but in essence , unless the ball / coupling are set up correctly the unit tips up.

I'm thinking of changing to the jockey post option as this should be easier & faster to set up. This may be a challenge with the battery box mounted on top.

post-731-018637900 1308521321_thumb.jpg

Having said all that , I'm not disapointed with the purchase & will get things sorted out to make the connection & operation easier & faster.

If buying new , with the above experience combined with the research over recent weeks then I would have the Tow Dog No. 1 on the shopping list.

The main reason , the tow ball is in the center of the unit making it better balanced & easier to connect the coupling. Tipping is not an issue

Steering is easier as the rear drive wheels move independently when turning is required.

The batteries & charger come with the unit. The batteries are mounted on the underside & there for the unit is self contained & not relying on external power or a battery box mounted on the top.

With the batteries & charger included , it is also the least expensive to purchase.

Here is a photo , it's not as bulky as the photo suggests.

post-731-098518100 1308522739_thumb.jpg


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