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Jigging Spin Reel


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Hi All,

I cant decide on a jigging/live bait reel, just wondering what everyone uses & how it performs. At this stage I don't wont to outlay

big dollars probably upto $500, even if I can get a setup for this price would be even better.

any help would be appreciated.



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Match either a silstar or ugly stik 8+ kg rod with either a Okuma Salina 11 or a Saltiga! Good reels and the Salina can be purchased for less thatn $250! Great livebaiting reel too!

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Hi mate

I think you should look at the Shimano Spheros, probably in the 14000 size.... Has plenty of grunt and if you shop around, you would be able to pick one up for $250 or so, I know of an individual who uses one of these reels for poppering GTs.

As for a rod, Silstar crystal blue, $150 or there abouts, again you need to shop around.

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Two words for you mate... Pflueger Torsion... Oh and u can match that with a berkley jigging dropshot rod... Nothing better caught some huge fish on this combo and does not cost an arm and leg....

Cheers SureCatch

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