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Hi All,

I enjoy light tackle lure fishing in the Sydney harbour (land based).

I have a nice rod and reel, however the rod is a bit short at 7' (originally bought for river fishing) and as a result can't cast as far as I would like it to. It's a Shimano Nexave.

So, I'm looking for a 9'-10' rod with the same type of features as my 7' - light, thin, strong, and also reasonably priced. I'm using 30lb braid on my reel (if that makes a difference?).

Any recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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A couple of years ago I bought a Starlo Stix Shore Spin. 2pc, 9ft and good for medium weight lures, sinkers, fish etc. Only $110 from memory. Its great to use when you need something a bit longer but not too heavy for spining in the surf, longer shore based casting etc.

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